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Warning: THERE ARE LOTS OF SPOILERS IN THIS WALK THROUGH. I'll try to mark the significant ones.

Create new characters. Spend time doing this rerolling until you get stats that total 83 or more for each character. Also go for 18 CN for all your party members. And 18 IQ for casters (except Paladins who really only need about 30 SP to be effective). This can take a while, but makes the game easier to play later and allows you to maximize hit points and spell points faster when increasing levels. For me the best mix is
Dwarf Bard--I like to keep Song of Life active as much as possible--it seems to be stronger after you reach 100 and then 200 plays.
Dwarf Paladin--keep the blessing and shield spells active at all times once you can.
Hobbit Rogue--without one you will have to spend a lot of time trying to force open chests you find that will also damage your party when you force them.
Barbarian Hunter--his/her critical hit ability is important once it gets to 99.
2 Gnome Magicians--quick fix is important for heals in early play.
Gnome Conjurer--this spell set is also useful. The goal is to get the three magic users to level 1 Arch Mage. Another goal is to get everyone in the party to 950 hit points--the Rogue is the hardest one.
But don't stop with this seven.

Also roll up a Gnome Monk and a Barbarian Warrior. You'll have plenty of time to swap the fighters around while raising your casters to be accomplished Arch Mages. You may also want to run with smaller parties while raising your casters and perhaps rogue to get them to higher levels. Fewer team members means more XP each per battle. This also gives you a chance to use those statues or accept a wandering monster onto your team.

For me:
The Warrior deals serious damage at higher levels and gains hit points quickly, but the Hunter's critical hit and ranged weapon skill trumps the Warrior's damage.
The Monk is a great pack mule but but does not deal enough damage at end game levels. However, YMMV.

When choosing race, race characteristics only count if the class has that characteristic. An Elf Magician cannot use bows but does get the talent boost.

Walk through:
Buy the compendium from the Apple store. It is a useful reference and purchasing it supports future game development. The Contents entries are hyperlinks.
You can buy a bag of coins to help early spell purchases, but eventually you'll have plenty of gold. If you buy it, go to the use icon on the right side of the screen and use it to turn it into gold.

I take the stuff from the pre-rolled characters and then delete those characters.
Put your full party together and leave camp.
Go to the weapon shop (E of the camp) and sell the excess items, but keep the extra wine.
Explore the area inside the castle. By explore I mean try to walk into every square. You want to do this head on because there are a few places later in the game that only work when you face them and try to move forward into them, so it's a good habit to have.
Talk to Gwyddon (S of the camp).
Visit the armory (SW part of the castle) and have your first battle.
Visit the armory to get your reward.
Explore the area East of the castle.
Talk to the arms master.
Fight the sparring partner.
Talk to the arms master.
Equip the Bandits Brassard on one of your first four characters. You need this to leave the castle.
Visit the bank. Deposit the extra wine skin. If you deposit the Bandits Brassard, you can get another one from the arms master. Have your Paladin activate Blessing of Sodar if it isn't already.
Explore the area S of the castle.
Mark the area by the river which will heal you once every day and a half (NW corner of the area). By day and a half I mean after the Early Morning after 24 hours after you use it, which I guess is really somewhere between 25 and 47 hours.
Follow the road E exploring the area to the ruins.

Go to the NE corner and pass through the secret wall back to the castle.
Explore the area (go thru the door and the secret wall past it) S and E of the temple. Before you approach the fountain which will restore your spell points once every day and a half, cast the non-combat spells you want to raise your ability in (like Magic Flame) using your current remaining spell points.

When the characters are ready to go up a level go to the training hall.
Your primary goal is to get CN to 24 for all characters and IQ to 24 for spell casters. Each time a character goes up it gains a max new HP based on class plus CN-14 up to plus 10. A bard for example can get 16+CN-14. Spell casters gain up to a max based on class plus IQ minus 14 to a max bonus of 10. For example a Conjurer can gain 4+IQ-14.
Save outside the hall.
Enter the hall and train one character.
If you don't get a stat you are looking for and a good enough gain in HP and if applicable SP, reload from the save and try again. If the gain is acceptable leave the hall, save the game and repeat the process for the next character.
Once CN reaches 18 for a character that does not have CN as a primary stat, you need to raise non primary stats to 18 and primary stats to 25 before you can raise CN on up to 24. Same is true for IQ for spell casters.
For me an acceptable increase is the max minus 1 or the max. You can get most of your fighters to 950 HP by about level 40 if you settle for max minus 1 or better. If you accept any roll you reach 950 at about level 65. So you can spend time rerolling or fighting extra battles. The advantage of more battles is you get more chances for battle loot. You'll need to get your Rogue to about level 60 if you're taking it to the final battle. The first time you can change class for your spell casters after buying the spells for level 13. Change the Magician to a Conjurer and vice versa the first time you change. To get enough HP you should raise your spell casters to level 20 when they are Sorcerers. If you choose to raise them while they are Magicians or Conjurers, you need to raise them to level 35 to get the HP to 950 or more, but that will require about 2,860,000 more XP than raising Sorcerers to level 20.

Once all your characters reach level 2 by fighting the monsters above ground, head for the underground ruins called The Tunnels SW of the secret passage to the spell restoration fountain. Mark the traps and fixed encounters on your map--you'll want to return to The Tunnels and The deeper Tunnels many times to grind out points and gold and to collect better armor. You will want Better armor, weapons and items for your team including the stuff i found...Bark Figurine, Bronze Buckler, Bronze Compositbow, Bronze Mace, Bronze Rune, Bronze Heavy Chain Mail, Bronze Scale Helmet, Bronze Shortbow, Bronze Shortsword, Bronze Spear, Bronze Throwing Knife, Bronze Throwing Star, Chain Mail, Elven Arrows, Harmonic Gem, Healing Balm, Lightwand, Lockpick, Mandolin, Padded Cuir Bouilli Armor, Padded Leather Cap, Padded Tarasz Leather Shield, Padded Wooden Shield, Scale Gloves, Throwing Spear (I find these useless), Torch, Wineskin, Wooden Shield, Wool Mitre, Wool Robe.

In The deeper Tunnels you can find the Mysterious Herb which regenerates after 24 hours--but who needs more than one thief in their party? Once your party is strong enough you can reset the fixed "random" encounters by going up and down the ladder. This technique works anywhere you get the "Please wait" pop up. (Click the cast spell icon twice to activate the enter area question without moving.)

Once your party is strong enough (say around level 7 or higher) and has some nice equipment, explore the watch tower in the SW corner of the map. This is only a slightly harder level than The Tunnels. You won't need a light source here, but levitate is useful. Be sure to get the Tower Key from the chest on the second floor so you can use it to open the first door in the cellar. TRZP will unlock the other cell doors in the cellar. There is a secret wall in the SE cell. Mark the impassable locked door in the SE corner of the secret area of the cellar--you may want to return to it later (if you have a Dragon egg.)

In the Abandoned Tower you might find...Bark Figurine, Bronze Club, Bronze Compositbow, Bronze Crossbow, Bronze Deathstar, Bronze Longsword, Bronze Throwing Knife, Bronze Throwing Spear, Bronze Throwing Star, Bronze Tower Shield, Harmonic Gem, Healing Balm, Lamp, Lightwand, Lockpick, Mandolin, Padded Cuirass Bouilli Armor, Padded Leather Cap, Padded Leather Gloves, Padded Wooden Shield, Torch, Wool Gown, Wool Mitre, Wool Shawl, Wool Silken Gloves.

Once you get your spell casters to level 13 and buy them the level 7 spells, you can change their classes and move on to the Forgotten Crypt. This through the trees east and south of the hut with the hint to search the trees. Yes, you can do it sooner, but to be able to handle the path to the final battle you'll probably want all your characters to have at least 900 HP and a slow, balanced approach makes the interim battles more easily manageable. The traps in the Forgotten Crypt can be deadly for low level groups, however a level 13 Rogue will help your party avoid them without danger.

In the Forgotten Crypt you will find a Rusty Steel Bar in the second chest you come to down a passage to the left of the archway to the first chest which you will need later and you might find...Antidote, Bark Figurine, Bronze Battleaxe, Bronze Butterfly, Bronze Club, Bronze Crossbow, Bronze Dagger, Bronze Greatsword, Bronze Halberd, Bronze Javelin, Bronze Longbow, Bronze Mace, Bronze Mail Coif, Bronze Morningstar, Bronze Plate Gloves, Bronze Rune, Bronze Scale Gloves, Bronze Scale Helmet, Bronze Shortsword, Bronze Spear, Bronze Staff, Bronze Throwing Knife, Bronze Scale Mail, Bronze Throwing Star, Bronze Throwing Spear, Bronze Tower Shield, Bronze Warhammer, Elf Cloak, Evil Figurine, Fire Horn, Harmonic Gem, Healing Balm, Lightwand, Lockpick, Mandolin, Padded Cuie Bouilli Gloves, Padded Leather Gloves, Padded Tarasz Leather Shield, Padded Wooden Shield, Shadow Figurine, Shield Rings, Thief Dagger, Wool Mitre, Wool Silken Gloves.

Once your spell casters have reached level 13 and purchased the level 7 spells for their second class, you can convert them to sorcerers and head off to the Watchtower on the southern path that heads east. When you get there, the door to Watchtower is locked. A new entry in your log says to talk to the arms master at the Castle to get the key. If you explore to the South of the Watchtower, you'll find a path down to the Ridge Fault you might want to mark on your map and explore later. Go get the key and return to the Watchtower to explore it.
The Rusty Key is in a chest on the second floor; you'll need it in the basement. There is a place in the Watchtower Tunnels where the walls sound hollow. You must face the wall to get the message that you can use an item. This same thing happens in a dark place later in the game, remember you need to face a "door" to be given the chance to use an item in it. Use that Rusty Steel Bar here. Inside the lever frees the boat. The boat takes you to the other side of the river--you'll have to fight your way back across...there is an escape ladder that avoids the battle. Down a long tunnel after the battle for the bridge on this side you meet the Orc Chief who has the Cell Key.

In the Watchtower Tunnels you might find....Bronze Battleaxe, Bronze Battleclaw, Bronze Buckler, Bronze Crossbow, Bronze Greatsword, Bronze Javelin, Bronze Longbow, Bronze Longsword, Bronze Mail Coif, Bronze Mace, Bronze Morning Star, Bronze Rune, Bronze Scale Gloves, Bronze Scale Helmet, Bronze Scale Mail, Bronze Shortsword, Bronze Throwing Star, Bronze Tower Shield, Elf Cloak, Elven Arrows, Evil Figurine, Frost Horn, Harmonic Gem, Healing Balm, Lamp, Padded Cuir Bouilli Gloves, Padded Tarasz Leather Shield, Shadow Figurine, Torch, Wineskin, Wool Mitre, Wool Shawl, Wool Silken Gloves.

Once your spell casters get to level 9 Sorcerer it's time to go on East from the Watchtower. You'll come to an abandoned Mage's house. The password is Exodus.

Mark the path N that is blocked by tendrils--you'll be coming back later.

Proceed on to Savage Crossing. The fountain outside the Coaching Inn in Savage Crossing casts AC +2 on the party.

You can now use the Road Wardens between the Castle and the Crossing. The cost is 500 cash (not in the bank) each way. After checking out the shops and buildings in town, follow the advice and go E to find Gwyddon. You can let him join your party if you have room, but it is not necessary to complete the game. Explore the area on Eastward. Remember the closed shrine. Buy javelins, butterfly's, death stars and throwing stars from the weapon shop in the forest. Javelins add range to your hunter without having to be reloaded. The other three are good weapons for Sorcerers. Butterfly's are especially good because they have a range of 2. If you look at the map near the shop, you get the clue "save nature".

Going South from Savage Crossing you pass a secret path to the bandit's lair. Further South mark where the path is blocked. NE of there it's blocked and smells of sulphur. Mark that place, too. Go explore the Bandit's Cave. Explore it all except for the central area surrounded by a moat. Once you beat the big baddie (the priest) in the central area, the set regenerating battles stop being available, and you may want to farm these first to raise your Sorcerers to level 20 and then your Wizards to level 7. The initial battles in the Cave may be tough--especially those that include Ignighters, Witchers and/or Preachers. You can try to run from battles with Magic Users but that does not always work on the first attempt. Don't attack with throwing weapons if you are going to run from a battle later, because you may lose the weapons you have thrown. Bronze Javelins and Bronze Butterfly's are rare and it would be a shame to lose any.
Soldiers hate March. You probably want to save after every battle here, just in case. Initially having your spell casters use Hailstorm against a single group or Mind Blade against close multiple groups is a good strategy in the Bandit's Cave. Remember to keep Song of Life going by your Bard. Coup de Grace works well against the warlord Kommandant.

You have to fight the group of 8 Outlaws and the groups of 8 Renegades and 10 Bandits on the way in to the Bandit's Cave. On the way out you can run from them if you need to.

Once you have explored the Bandit's Cave except the moat surrounded part but including the Kommandant's Quarters, exit the Lair and start "farming" it. Enter the Lair, when you get to the grass, turn left and go forward nine steps. Fight the battle with 18 Tarasz Stosstruppen. (Basically, you can defeat them by having your fighters attack and your Sorcerers cast Hailstorm. Five casts of Hailstorm is enough, so you can conserve spell points by having all three cast the first round and the two with the most remaining spell points cast the second round. Your fighters can clean up any remaining Stosstruppen if there is a third round. There may be some healing required if the Stosstruppen start at 10 feet--remember Song of Life.) Leave the Lair, save and repeat until you are about out of Spell Points. Then go back to the castle ruins, raise your characters, bank or sell extra loot, restore their SP and come back.

From battles in the Bandit's Cave you might find...Bardsword, Bronze Rune, Dragon Horn, Embroidered Mitre, Embroidered Silken Gloves, Embroidered Silverfox Robe, Fire Figurine, Frost Horn, Hardened Leather Cap, Hardened Tarasz Leather Shield, Healing Potion, Iron Axe, Iron Battleclaw, Iron Butterfly, Iron Club, Iron Deathstar, Iron Dwarven Axe, Iron Dwarven Shield, Iron Greatsword, Iron Halberd, Iron Javelin, Iron Mace, Iron Morningstar, Iron Scale Helmet, Iron Plate Armor, Iron Scimitar, Iron Throwing Spear, Iron Throwing Star, Iron Tower Shield, Iron Warhammer, Lockpick, Padded Leather Gloves, Silver Rune, Thief Dagger.

Once your Sorcerers reach level 20, it is time to move on. We'll return to the lair later. The prisoner said to check back at the Armsmaster, so visit him at the castle. Sergeant Woodhead does not seem to be at the Coaching Inn at Savage Crossing. The young soldier in Savage Crossing says to visit Gwyddon on the road to the East. If Gwyddon is still asking to join your party, continue East until you are told the way is blocked. Come back to Gwyddon who will ask you to retrieve the holy silver sickle from the Burial Mound which can only be entered at Midnight. Head out on the road North. Help the Tarasz and fight the Orcs. Continue on to Loch Caetar. Buy Elf Cloaks in the shop for each team member that doesn't already have one. Listen to the Bard in the Inn. North across the lake is a camping place where your team can rest. This can be useful later for timing entry into the Burial Mound which is West of Loch Caetar town. If you haven't already visit the abandoned farm SW of Loch Caetar. Keep the mushrooms you find a few steps South and West of the farmhouse. Back to the North and East of the farmhouse there is a broken path to the Burial Mound. Once you know the way to the burial mound entrance, if you leave the camping place in the early part of"before midnight" you should have plenty of time to walk to the entrance by "midnight". Kick the walls where the warriors are buried. This is another area where you need to face the wall you are kicking. Fight the six Unrestful Axemen that come alive for their axe amulets. There are eight you can fight, but you only need six. Face each of the central walls near the grate in the middle of this level (North West corner). When prompted, insert six of the axes. The grate moves aside; go down through it to the next level. Explore the whole level saving the room with the door that glows for last. Light the braziers by moving into them. In the last room, touch the statue in front of the door last, saving beforehand. This is a tough fight even for a party this high.

TRZP will unlock the doors of the first room on this level. Some of the opponents here cause aging. Farther Foe can be useful along with Hailstorm. After the encounters here you may find...Dragon Horn, Evil Figurine, Harp, Iron Buckler, Iron Elvenbow, Iron Mail Coif, Iron Morningstar, Iron Staff, Sniper Arrows.

After defeating the statues go through the door and down the stairs. The door to the north cannot be unblocked. The riddle on the south wall is what the bushes near the throwing weapon and missile shop spells (save nature). Go South down the corridor and through the door. The sickle is in the sarcophagus through the Western door South.

Gwyddon shows up a few steps outside the Burial Mound and trades you the Druid Stone for the Sickle. Go to the training hall in The Castle to level up and to the bank stash your loot or store to sell it. Then as your log entry from Gwyddon says, go to the temple in Druid's Grove. There is a secret path to the grove on the South side of the road East from Savage Crossing. Mark where you first enter the grove by the wall, because that is the only exit.

In the Lost Temple you cannot save (except in the entry section--before the message "the hand of time writes and cannot erase.") The color is orange. There is a one way secret wall at the West end of the room due West from the chest that holds the shard of nature and a second one further West that leads back to the ladder out. These help your team avoid the magic sink traps when leaving. From battles you may find...Embroidered Silverfox Robe, Iron Axe, Iron Dwarven Axe, Iron Elvenbow, Iron Scale Mail, Iron Tower Shield.

The Shard of Nature will open the road East from Savage Crossing that was previously blocked. Explore that new area. Mark the hut North of the path. Visit the hideout South of the path. Enter and clear the compound and collect Orc scalps. Deliver the Orc scalps to the Priestess in the hideout. She will open the passage through her hut that you marked on your map.

Near the beginning of the passage there is a spot that refreshes your team. There are no saves in the passage, so you should save just before entering. The exit is past an area where each step or time segment burns your magic and health points. The door out requires you to have Symbol of Maruziel. You must be facing the door to get the option to use an item.

To get the Symbol you have to defeat the high priest in the Bandit's Cave. The high priest's area is a no save zone. There are set battles against
16 Mad Tarasz, 6 Preachers and 6 Tarasz Igniters (regenerates)
40 Tarasz Stosstruppen and 40 Tarasz Stosstruppen (once)
40 Tarasz Witchers and 20 Tarasz Igniters (once)
before the final battle against the high priest.

Three is a no magic zone in front of the high priest's door. Once inside you have time to cast your light, protection and attack bonus spells if you like. Step forward and you face High Priest Jakob Springer and 4 Tarasz Acolytes.
My battle plan was to step forward once then have the warriors attack the acolytes and throw Demon War once at them while throwing Coup de Grace twice at the high priest. You get the Symbol of Maruziel.

From battles in the Tarasz Passage you might find...Healing Potion, Steel Dagger, Steel Elvenbow, Studded Cuir Bouilli Gloves, Studded Wooden Shield.

Back in the Passage, go to the door past the red magic and health drain area and use the Symbol on the door. Go through it and take the stairs up to the Sewer. You can save in the Passage before taking this stairs up. Remember you can deactivate the stairs message by double hitting the cast spell icon.

You cannot save in the sewers. Although you can walk on the water, don't. Instead follow the right hand rule. Mark drainage numbers on your map. Soon you will come to the maintenance door, which your Rogue can pick. That leads to stairs up to the City Slums, where you can save. Go back down and continue exploring the Sewers.

In the Sewers you might find...Bardsword, Bronze Rune, Dragon Horn, Fairy Light, Gold Rune, Harmonic Gem, Harmonic Splinter, Healing Potion, McLeod's Bagpipe, Ornate Mitre, Ornate Silken Gloves, Ornate Silverfox Robe, Silver Rune, Steel Axe, Steel Battleaxe, Steel Buckler, Steel Butterfly, Steel Bulwark, Steel Club, Steel Dagger, Steel Dwarven Axe, Steel Dwarven Shield, Steel Elvenbow, Steel Greatsword, Steel Halberd, Steel Javelin, Steel Katana, Steel Mace, Steel Morningstar, Steel Plate Armor, Steel Plate Gloves, Steel Plate Helmet, Steel Scale Gloves, Steel Scale Helmet, Steel Shortsword, Steel Staff, Steel Throwing Knife, Steel Throwing Spear, Steel Tower Shield, Studded Cuir Bouilli Gloves, Studded Tarasz Leather Shield, Studded Wooden Shield, Thief Dagger, Winter Horn.

Search the walls of the drainage area with three numbers to enter a hidden area. There is a one way passage out of the area, but you may have to kick a lot of walls.

Search the walls in the drainage area of 11/24. You can escape the small corridor where you might not belong using shatter walls. If you are at the south end of the corridor at midnight a magic mouth appears. You know who the cult deity is. Hesitation, Close Combat and Coup de Grace will do in the Evil Incarnation. Instead of Coup de Grace, five or six Demon Wars should do the trick. There is a one way passage out of the area.

After exploring the Sewers, go back to the City Slums. Here you might find... Steel Plate Helmet.

Although the City Slums have little to offer, there is a shop in an open square near the NE corner thar sells some interesting basic weapons at night. After exploring the City Slums, go explore the City Harbor. Learn the spirit chant at the Mended Drum tavern.

In the City Harbor you might find...Bronze Rune, Harmonic Gem, Silver Rune, Sniper Arrows, Steel Axe, Steel Club, Steel Halberd, Steel Mace, Steel Morningstar, Steel Tower Shield, Studded Cuir Bouilli Gloves.

Exploring the Temple district, you might find...

Exploring the Market District the entrance to the Thieves is in the SW corner. The Thieves Guild Master tells you to go to the Harbor district and take a ship to Paradosa to find the Shard of Spirit. You probably want to take the Road Wardens to the castle to recharge your magic users, first.

In the dust in the central square of the Market District you find a shield ring. In battles you might also find...

In the Harbor District you might find...Steel Shortsword.

From the NW pier at midnight take the ship to Paradosa. In the gambling chamber you learn of a game where face cards (king, queen, knight) count 10 and the other cards called pawns count 1. I waited for morning after exploring the town for the shop to open, finding not much of interest for sale. In Parsdosa you might find Steel items like...Steel Club, Steel Plate Helmet.

The areas where you get the please wait message as you change regions overlap off the path. There is nothing special to find in these overlap zones although they do provide extra encounters. Other than the set chests with Ogre Plate which no one in my primary party could use (warriors only) and a Katana and Divine Powder, there is little real reason to go into the Dedarant Caves although there are some nice random drops from the battles there.

From battles in the Dedarant Cave, you might find...Andursteel Bulwark, Andursteel Butterfly, Andursteel Dwarven Axe, Andursteel Greatsword, Andursteel Halberd, Andursteel Heartwood Bow, Andursteel Javelin, Andursteel Katana, Andursteel Lance, Andursteel Mail Coif, Andursteel Mail Gloves, Andursteel Ogre Plate, Andursteel Plate Gloves, Andursteel Plate Helmet, Andursteel Scale Gloves, Andursteel Shortsword, Andursteel Spear, Andursteel Staff, Andursteel Throwing Star, Andursteel Thunderbolt, Angel's Harp, Bloodwood Arrows, Composite Cuir Bouilli Gloves, Composite Leather Cap , Composite Leather Gloves, Composite Tarasz Leather Shield, Composite Wooden Shield, Demon Pipe, Dietrich, Divine Powder, Electrum Rune, Flame Horn, Flute, Frost Horn, Harmonic Gem, Harmonic Splinter, Runed Fairyskin Gown, Runed Mitre, Runed Silken Gloves, Silver Rune, Studded Leather Cap, Troll Ring, Winter Horn.

Exploring off the path to the North you come to a back exit from Castilla Artonsa. Here you might find...Andursteel Heartwood Bow, Andursteel Javelin, Andursteel Scale Helmet, Bronze Rune, Dietrich, Gold Rune, Harmonic Gem, Harmonic Splinter, Winter Horn

Make your way to the castle. Follow the El Condre through the North door.

In the dungeon, mark the darkness transporters on your map and walk around behind them. If you follow the correct path, it does not get dark. Once you get through the maze you come to water bowl where you can save, heal and rest. Proceed on to the statue to the West. The answer is 42 from the card game rules in the Inn. There is treasure through the North door. The Shard is in the room to the South. You can exit through the corridor East.

If you return to the Castilla you meet El Condre who demands the Shard. He's actually a Vampire Lord. Hesitation and Coup de Grace will take him out. The Shadow Key he drops will open the two locked doors. Once you have cleared the Castilla you can re-enter and farm it, but the Dedarant Caves seem to offer more loot.

Go back to The Shadow Guild Master sends you for the Shard of Creation under Karilan Andur. Walk west from Savage Crossing to where you marked the broken pathway North from the east-West path blocked. That is open now that you have the Shard of Spirit.

Inside the Dwarven Mountains there is a chest with the Stone Blade for your Paladin. Eventually you'll come to the wheel room. Each setting controls where the mine cart takes your party.

Wheel room settings are 1 1 1 one lump of ore
1 1 2 forge and ore delivery
1 2 1 stairs back to wheel room
1 2 2 same as 1 1 1
2 1 1 stairs back to wheel room
2 1 2 one lump of ore
2 2 1 stairs back to wheel room
2 2 2 stairs back to wheel room
3 1 1 sanctum, need key
3 1 2 one lump of ore, fixed encounter
3 2 1 same as 2 1 2
3 2 2 stairs back to wheel room

In Karilan Andur you might find...Andursteel Butterfly, Andursteel Mail Coif, Andursteel Plate Gloves, Andursteel Scale Gloves, Andursteel Thunderbolt (x2) , Angel's Harp, Bloodwood Arrows (x2) , Bronze Rune, Composite Cuir Bouilli Gloves, Dietrich, Divine Powder (x7) , Flame Horn, Flute, Frost Horn, Gold Rune, Harmonic Gem (x10) , Harmonic Splinter (x5) , Ring of Destruction, Ring of Power, Runed Sorcerer's Hood, Shock Bomb (x2), (the numbers were for determining frequency of gems, splinters and powder compared to the better stuff.)

To get to the Shard in Horon's Sanctum, you need the key. Ride the mine cart to each of the wheel settings. At three of them you can get a lump of ore. Take the three to setting 1 1 2 and trade them at the room across the hall from the forge for the Sanctum Key. At setting 3 1 1 you can now enter the Sanctum. Use the Restore spell to maintain your party's health while and after you cross the lava. Fight each of the elementals in their areas. You get a water element from fighting the Water Elemental which will help you reach the Shard of Creation. The other elementals don't drop anything useful.

Return to the Guild Master who tells you to find brother Rectus in the sewers under the Temple District for help in getting the last shard. There is a secret door near drain 6/66. Inside, you can save. Brother Rectus tells you to retriever the Shard of Life which has been tainted by Maruziel. It's in the Temple in the Temple District. Grabbing the Shard is easy. You may want to Restore and save before leaving the Temple. The Greater Demons fall pretty easily to Hesitation and Demon Wars.

Return to Brother Rectus at 6/66 in the Sewers. You can avoid encounters by walking on the water if you like. Brother Rectus needs a Divine Shell for the cleansing ritual. You can get it from the Temple in the Forest (near where the plants spell SAVE NATURE). Take the escort to Savage Crossing and go East to the Forest. Pay for the Ritual of Cleansing to get the Divine Shell. Return to Brother Rectus. Use the sidewalk in front of the southern entrance to 6/66. Brother Rectus is dead but left the message IX XIII. Go to 9/13. When you enter 9/13 a creature gives you the Silversword. You are transported to Inferno.

Equip a party member in one of the first four ranks with the Silversword. I chose my Bard.

Mark the entry spot on your map. Kick every wall. Yes, even the invisible ones.

The path through the first section is: E S E N E>S S E>W S S S S S E N E E S S E E N N W N W N N E N E E N E E E E S E E E S S E E S S W W N W N W S S E S E E S W W W S W W W W W W N N now in central 3x3. The > symbol means you are teleported.

From the second teleport (>) target, the exit is E E E E E S W W W S S. you can re-enter if you like.

In Inferno you might find... Bloodwood Bow of Forgus, Bronze Rune, Butterfly of Forgus, Deathstar of Forgus, Demon Pipe, Devil Figurine, Divine Powder, Electrum Rune, Fiery Avenger of Forgus, Flame Horn, Force Shield of Forgus, Frost Horn, Gold Rune, Harmonic Gem, Harmonic Splinter, Hattori Hanzo of Forgus, Javelin of Forgus, Mail Coif of Forgus, Mail Gloves of Forgus, Mithril Rune, Plate Gloves of Forgus, Ring of Destruction, Scale Gloves of Forgus, Shock Bomb, Silver Rune, Spellwoven Robe, Spellwoven Sorcerer's Hood, Throwing Knife of Forgus, Throwing Spear of Forgus, Thunderbolt of Forgus, Troll Ring, Winter Horn, Wyvernhide Cuir Bouilli Gloves, Wyvernhyde Leather Cap,

Pretty much the path through Inferno is to follow the outer wall clockwise to the bottom then head up through the SW corner of the central 3x3 square which is mostly surrounded by teleport ears. The easiest way to find your way is to take a step or two then save. If you get teleported back to the entrance reload so you don't have to retrace all those steps again. In the fire field use Restoration every few steps. I went East into the fire field and found my way to a safe spot on the West side if the map. From there I went W W S W N to find the way out of the fire field. From that spot you can go through a wall to the entrance area if you want (and can leave from there).

The battle with Maruziel was easy with Hesitation, Demon War and my Paladin and the Stone Sword.
Watch the battles as some of your foes will Drain (indicated by a "D" after a character's HP) and Drained characters do not gain XP until cured. The Shrine in the Market District can cure a Drained character.

I reran the battle starting from Savage Crossing with just two Archmages. This was more difficult but I did succeed. It turns out that Maruziel is immune to magic damage (although hesitation does work) but susceptible to all weapon damage.
This made for a long battle with magic users and their weak weapon skills, but it is winnable. This means no particular character type other than magic users is necessary in your party. However, if you choose a high level Paladin equipped with the Stone Sword or a high level Hunter with a reasonable throwing weapon stockpile or reasonable melee weapon and one Archmage, the battle is trivial.

So now we can head to Ridge Fault. It's South if the path by the Watchtower. Kick every wall as you progress through the area. The Dwarven stronghold which is on your map is Karilan Andur. If you search the pile of rags, you will find the Dragon Bone Bow. The hint by the pedestal seems to be nothing to do with the pedestal, but telling you to have your Paladin equip the stone sword to cross the bridge to the Dragon Tower. In the tower the age is 7000000 and the snowy answer is glacier. Eventually (at the SW most 3x3 area) you have to step on lava to progress. The Bone Arrows are in a chest at the end of a causeway on the same side of the water as the Dragon Tower.

In the Ridge fault you may find... Divine Powder, Harmonic Gem, Harmonis Splinter.

With the Dragon Egg in inventory head to the locked door in the cellar of the Abandoned Tower. The door unlocks by itself. You can place the Dragon Egg in the fiery cradle. If you enter the cradle the egg is still there. Sounds like a future enhancement area...

In this area of the basement you may find... Bronze Mace.

The road to Annsharbor is now open since you have defeated Maruziel. You can walk there from the area where the Orcs blocked in the Market District before Maruziel died. But the area is still contaminated with Astralyte. This sounds like a coming quest in a future release. The coast road heading East seems closed for now just after the fork West to Annsharbor's Market District: also an area for possible future expansion.

Anyway this spoiler filled walk through is how I did it. I am still farming the Inferno, waiting for future updates.

Thank you very much for this Walkthrough, Wizardz.