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This topic was started by Jteeter on 12/04/2013, 23:49:25

I love singing swords, knuckledusters, fiery avengers, silver sword, and the hattori (sp?). But they all have a range of 10.

But my warrior is still using a lance of forgus to get that 30 range. I'd love to see a special melee weapon for warriors and paladins that had 20 or 30 range to it...

I'm not certain if adding such high powered weapons with range would not unbalance the game. My master thief with a singsword already does around 300 to 400 damage per hit when he doesn't critical. Plus since he has 40 luck already, he does extra damage as is. With a master thief level of 82, he starts hidden with the attack range of 80'.

Also since the warrior and paladin at high levels gets so many hits, the pure damage output those types of weapons are very high already....so its a trade off between extended range or short range but high damage. Having both high damage and longer range might make the game too easy....just my opinion.

That's what Close Combat spell is for :). I'd would love to have all my melee fighters with 30' range and not have to cast Close Combat but I guess that's the trade off between high damage and longer range.